Agrotech India 15-18 nov 2024 chandigarh

Agriculture plays a significant role in India's growing economy. With around 54.6% of the total workforce involved in agriculture and allied sector activities, the sector is estimated to contribute 18.2% of the country's gross value added (GVA) in the FY 2024-25. Currently, the country recorded US$ 38.2 billion (for the quarter ending September 2023) in total agriculture exports, the sector also recorded US$ 50.2 billion export a 20% increase from US$ 41.3 billion in 2020-21. It is projected that the Indian agriculture sector will grow by 3.5% in FY23 and estimated export ofUS$55.1billionintheFY2024-25.

The agricultural sector in India has witnessed significant trends, including increased production, higher investment, diversification, and the adoption of modern techniques.. Additionally, the development of agriculture in backward areas, aided by new technologies and strategies like dryland farming and animal husbandry, has provided new avenues to famers for enhancing productivity as well as their income

With the government's increased focus and various initiatives, the future of Indian agriculture appears promising, with ample opportunities for farmers and innovative solutions from agricultural startups contributing to increased productivity and growth.